Dining Room Lighting

The MAG 11/22

GUIDE by Cristina Morozzi


Whether your dining space is full of natural light or you choose to add elements of artificial lighting, settling on the perfect light fixture or lamp is as much a practical as it is a stylistic choice.



Lighting plays a very important role in dining environments, both in private and public spaces. It should shed light on the food on the table without dazzling the diners, rather providing a vague dimness that can suggest privacy and comfort. As Japanese writer Jun'ichirō Tanizaki suggested in his 1933 essay In Praise of Shadows on Japanese aesthetics, underscored in traditional Japanese culture by the glow emanating from classic washi paper lanterns.


Floor Lamp BUBBLE KNIT by Missoni Home Collection

When served at the table, food should be properly illuminated –, because as the popular saying goes, we eat with our eyes first – without altering its appearance, and inviting us to taste its substance. In some ceremonial events, table lighting is entrusted to candles to ensure a dim light with warm tones. In daily life, it is best to choose appropriate sources that can discreetly direct the light onto the food laid out on the table without altering its appearance.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning floor lamp Arco, created by designer Achille Castiglioni and produced by Flos, which had a solid marble base and a long flexible stem that also allows it to be used to illuminate the center of a dining table instead of the classic chandelier.

Floor Lamp YUMI by Shigeru Ban for FontanaArte 
Lighting experts know that to illuminate meat-based dishes, it is best to use warm light in order to bring out their pink tones, whereas for dairy products, lighting with cool undertones are needed to emphasize their whiteness. The quality of light, whether natural or artificial, as cinematographers well know, depends on the tones of the space and the empathy of film sets. There is a direct connection between light and emotions, and it is no coincidence that in lovers’ discussions, reference to the magic of light is often present.