NEW ARRIVALS: Serralunga by Chiara Colmegna

Serralunga, a historic Italian company specialized in the production of outdoor furniture, has joined Design Italy. Find out more in the article.

Investing in sustainable design 

Design Italy is excited to add a new brand to its collection of designers: Serralunga. This historic company has been around for generations with a commitment to quality craftsmanship and continuous innovation that have driven the company’s growth from the textiles sector to the production of outdoor furniture.

Sustainable luxury furniture 

Since its outset, Serralunga has increasingly risen to the challenge of producing sustainable, environmentally friendly designs. In creating its products, the company not only uses recycled or recyclable materials, but also focuses on production processes that reduce environmental impact. Transforming plastic into designer furnishings and accessories might seem like a paradox, as plastic is not exactly viewed as a “noble” material, but Serralunga hasn’t let that stop them, instead harnessing the strength and durability of plastic in its creations. And the little details of the company’s various designs reflects its attention to quality: its innovative “Moleskin” finish, developed from resin, and the fact that its designs are 100% recyclable, durable, and temperature- and UV-resistant. Then there’s their “Velvety” finish, which resembles the look of velvet and was presented in 2020.

Innovating through technology and craftsmanship 

In the 1990s Marco Serralunga understood just how big rotational molding technology would be in the future of furniture production. This innovative technique optimizes the production of complex objects and offers multiple advantages: waste is reduced, production times are optimized, and quality is high. The company decided to present its first large vases at the “Essere Benessere” exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum for the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2000. The company’s first oversized illuminated vase Bordato Liscio, became famous around the world.

One of Serralunga’s strong points is its collaborations with international designers, which has led to the creation of some truly unique designs. Among many: floor lamp Miss Jane, designed by Marc Sadler; armchair Bay by Raffaella Mangiarotti; Flow and Holly All decorative vases designed by Zaha Hadid and Philippe Starck respectively, and the Cassero vase collection designed by Patricia Urquiola.


Serralunga has also earned international fame by representing made-in-Italy design around the world at various events, including the 2019 Dubai Design Week.

Chiara Colmegna