Sicis new collection, the company leader in production of luxury artistic mosaics

by Chiara Colmegna


Sicis is a brand leader in production of luxury artistic mosaics. Read the article and discover more about the new collection, now available on Design Italy.


Sicis glass mosaic, a timeless tradition

Sicis – from the Latin Sic Immensos Clarosque Inceptos Somniavi, translating as “the great and famous adventures I dreamed of” – was founded in the late 1980s with the concept of bringing mosaics back to life.

It’s no coincidence that Sicis is located in Ravenna, the capital of the Western Roman Empire and the first location of the barbarian kingdoms in Italy at the time of Theodoric the Great, as well as where some of the most beautiful mosaics in the world from the Byzantine era are located. Sicis owes its international success to projects including its 42,000 square meters of mosaics for the Mahmood Saeed Oasis Mall in Saudi Arabia, and the mosaic floors of the iconic Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas.



Contemporary mosaics, marble flooring and sheets of Vetrite

Sicis blends tradition with a continuous study of new and refined techniques. Key milestones in the company’s history include the invention of a machine to cut mosaic tesserae, which allowed greater experimentation and creative freedom, followed by the patenting of a new material called Vetrite. Vetrite made it possible to apply decorative glass panels in a variety of uses.

In 1994, the exquisite craftsmanship of Sicis' mosaic artisans led to the company’s first Murano glass mosaic collection. A few years later, the company created its innovative iridescent glass tesserae laid on mesh, used for example in the marble mosaic DELICATISSIMUM, and the world's first mosaics made of steel and brass tesserae.

The Ravenna-based company also presented the application of mosaics to interior design collections, the first of which was displayed at the Milan Salone del Mobile in 2010. In those years, the company also created its beautiful mosaic-covered bathtubs, including the PERRY bathtub, as well as luxurious furnishings like its DIAMANTE table.

And the company hasn’t stopped there. In 2012, it launched its first Sicis Jewels division, overseen by Gaia Piacuzzi, in micromosaics and precious stones. These artistic jewels are made using the refined micromosaic technique combined with the use of precious materials.



Art mosaic tile: from Saudi Arabia to the USA to Asia

Sicis’ highly innovative approach to preserving the tradition of mosaics has made it a world leader in the production of mosaics. And thanks to its invention of pre-assembled marble, the company has completed projects all around the world. In 2012 the company opened its first store in Asia, and then entered into an important agreement with DongPeng Ceramics for the distribution of mosaics and Vetrite.

Various luxury hotels in the United States, where Sicis closely collaborates with architect Roger Thomas, have also been embellished with Sicis products. The company is also present in the United Arab Emirates, where in 2020 it participated in setting up the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai, where hand-crafted mosaic tesserae were used to reproduce the starry sky of the mosaics in the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna.