In this issue of the Magazine and going forward, we’re pleased to add this new column entitled Cristina Morozzi’s Reading List: Must-Read Interior Design Books, which will be dedicated to suggesting easy-to-read books about all things homes, home decorating, and lifestyle.


As philosopher and anthropologist Emanuele Coccia – lecturer at the Université des Hautes études in Paris – explained in his recent book Filosofia della casa: lo spazio domestico e la Felicità (Philosophy of the Home. The Domestic Space and Happiness) (Einaudi, 2021), “we don’t inhabit spaces but houses, along with things”.


Philosopher Francesca Rigotti’s La nuova filosofia delle piccole cose (The New Philosophy of Small Things) (Interlinea, Novara, 2013) is also dedicated to objects. In Andrea Bajani’s Il libro delle case (The Book of Houses) (Feltrinelli, Milan, 2021), the author discusses houses and objects, describing in detail the interiors of the various homes in which he has lived.


Lastly, Chiara Alessi’s Tante Care Cose, gli oggetti che ci hanno cambiato la vita (Many Dear Things: The Objects That Changed Our Lives) (Longanesi, Milan, 2021) describes 39 iconic objects including Persol sunglasses, the zipper, Baci Perugina chocolates, the Bialetti moka, the Valentina Olivetti typewriter, Vibram soles, the Candy washing machine, Piaggio’s Vespa, the Fiat 500, Ferrero’s Nutella, Philippe Starck’s Juicy Salif juicer for Alessi, Kinder Ferrero’s surprise egg chocolate, Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Marille for Barilla, Tassoni’s citron carbonated drink, the Sella stool by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Zanotta, and the Sacco armchair (also by Zanotta) which was made famous thanks to Fantozzi’s cult films. 

A host of things to eat, drink, wear and use and which were created in Italy and are used all over the world. And that will be around for a long time yet.

Cristina Morozzi