Pier Angelo Orecchioni interviewed by Cristina Morozzi

Read the interview by Cristina Morozzi for Design Italy and discover the story of Pier Angelo Orecchioni, the Italian Designer behind the brand Marioni.

Originally from Sardinia, a Florence citizen for 40 years, Pierangelo Orecchioni is an architect, a designer and an artist.  Degree in architecture and co-founder in 1998 of "Studio63 a + d," an international design brand with offices in Florence, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai specialised in retail concept projects, including all the Miss Sixty stores. He is currently an interior designer, product designer, and art director for furniture and fashion companies such as Marioni.

In the '80s, as a young designer was involved by Remo Buti, professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, in the "bolidists" movement, along with Stefano Giovannoni, Guido Venturini and Massimo Iosa Ghini; he was also a singer and guitarist for a group. Since 2015 he has dedicated himself to freelance and personal research in narrative design, participating in solo and group exhibitions, including in 2018 "Recreation" at the Cartavetra gallery in Florence.

He told me about all that and his becoming:
CM : Tell me about your becoming.
P.O. Around the age of fifty, I slowly reconciled with myself and with my creativity.

CM : What has this reconciliation entailed in your profession as an architect and designer?
P.O. : I started painting, working on myself, creating objects.
CM : How do you define your current period?
P.O. : I call it "Recreation" to rediscover the spontaneous and unrestrained creativity of children, which manifests itself in play. I am Sardinian, the purity of Maria Lai's art inspired me.
CM : Do you also dedicate yourself to art?
P.O. : I try to recover the roots of my creativity and think about how to pass on the memory. Dedicating myself to art and design allows me to devote myself to the design of objects.
CM : What is the scope of your creative interventions today?
P.O. : I have no boundaries since my research focuses on making sense of my signs. I dedicated myself to ceramics and its teaching. I have had a relationship with Marioni di Calenzano, a ceramic company, for six years. I have created a new identity and designing furnishings and accessories. They are elegant, luxury collections, nourished by 80s references, hybridised with art deco elements. I made the concept of the first Tramontano store, a bag manufacturer, in Naples via Chiaia. I create sewn and embroidered designs on t-shirts and bags. I make "ex-voto by grace to be received"; I write a diary with deleted words, which represents the contamination between signs and words, and I create 'ex-voto of waiting', thinking about the moment we are living.

Pier Angelo Orecchioni creations' are available on Design Italy.