Fuorisalone 2021 When Material Meets Design



4-10 September 2021


The material is nothing without good design.
We selected six manufacturing companies that interpret this concept at best through materials' innovation and innovative production processes to create extraordinary design objects.
The different materials with typical characteristics of eco-sustainability and upcycling transform with surprising methods and results.

Rice husk, aluminium, cardboard, corn and cork come to life.


Design Italy Showroom - Via Vincenzo Monti 12, Milano

Exhibition of OTQ Design, Cyrcus Design, Lessmore DygoDesign and our daily live events by our artists and artisans in the Crafts' Room.  

Zakuro dehor - Via Vincenzo Monti 16, Milano

Exhibition of BBB Italia - the iconic chair 940 by Gio Ponti

L’Alter Bar dehor - Via Vincenzo Monti, 15 Milano

Exhibition of Suber - Cork's second life



Zakuro dehor - Via Vincenzo Monti 16, Milano

“940” chair by Gio Ponti

Mediolanum table by Studio Ideazione

Produced by BBB Italia
Distributed by Design Italy

The 940 chair was designed by one of the
most influential architects of the twentieth century,
Gio Ponti.

It is presented in five different lacquering versions
in combination with as many coordinated fabrics

and in a new outdoor version
the 940 chair by Gio Ponti (Resysta).

The 940 in Resysta is made using a material from the husk of rice
(shell of the grain),  perfectly eco-sustainable and able to withstand
the action of atmospheric agents and salty air.

The 940 in Resysta has the exact semblance of wood,  the same tactile sensation, it is immortalized and fireproof, and therefore it is the ideal chair for all outdoor uses.


L’Alter Bar dehor - Via Vincenzo Monti, 15 Milano

Cork’s Second Life

Manufacturer: Amorim Cork
Distributed by Design Italy

The Suber collection was born from the dream of Amorim Cork:
upcycle 800 million caps,

used every year in Italy, and transform
them  into design furnishing accessories.

A natural heritage to be enhanced:

cork is 100% recyclable
and reusable in countless applications,

from green building to crafts,

from clothing to the mechanical and aerospace sectors

and finally, in contemporary design.


Design Italy Showroom

Via Vincenzo Monti 12, Milano


Cyrcus is a movement/company founded by the designer DenisSantachiara, which uses only 2.0 suppliers, making widespread digitalmanufacturing* realistic.

Creating,producing, exchanging and consuming design thus takes on forms neverknown before, new and truly sustainable, or even impossible shapes withtraditional techniques. The use of digital fabrication also allows asubstantial lowering of the economy of scale, the limit of traditionaldesign. Producing a few or unique pieces different from each other hasthe exact industrial cost as the large series.

Cyrcusmakes the most of the materials and reduces processing waste, producingjust what is purchased. Each Cyrcus product is designed exclusively byour network of authors and customized according to the customer's needsfor dimensions, materials and finishes. Shown a large laser-cutaluminium plate (1.5m x 3m, 10mm thick) gives origin to 363 pieces usedto assemble
218 different products


Design Italy Showroom

Via Vincenzo Monti 12, Milano


DygoDesign was born from the vision of three founders who want tocombine Art, Technology, and Sustainability through an innovativeproject to create a collection of unique products using techniques and
materials never seen before.

Apath of research and experimentation that lasted over a year, rangingfrom digital design to the study of materials technology, thusdiscovering the "Fusion Deposition Modeling" technique. Through thisadvanced three-dimensional printing system, the material is poured layerby layer, exploiting its malleability at high temperatures with notoxic emission.

"Our goal is to offer a taste of thefuture." DygoDesign thus creates a bold and contemporary collection.Natural materials and sustainable technology are used together to givelife to elements designed and created entirely in Italy.


Design Italy Showroom

Via Vincenzo Monti 12, Milano


Giorgio Caporaso, architect and designer, deals with
designingresidential, tertiary and industrial buildings and interior design,always guided by his passion for a sustainable and circular economy.

In his projects, he experiments with green roofing
systemsand hanging gardens integrated into the composition of the buildingitself. His is the conception, study and design of an entire line ofproducts and furnishing accessories (LESSMORE) made of recycled andrecyclable cardboard.

The sustainability of the furnishingdoes not stop with the material used but develops around the completecreation of the object. His furnishing accessories can be repaired,modified in finishes and offer more functions to ensure durability andversatility.


Design Italy Showroom

Via Vincenzo Monti 12, Milano


Based in Senorbì, Sardinia, OTQ is a woodworking atelier founded byMatteo Congiu specialized in cork-based interior design solutions.

Congiu’s love of wood began at an early age thanks to the family business “Sud Legno”, a successful wood production company.

Duringhis Master in Digital Fabrication in Milan, Congiu explored therelationship between artisan techniques and new technologies. After hisdebut at the Salone del Mobile 2015, OTQ became a reality, transforminginto the present-day atelier renowned for its bold
Sardinian identity and culture of innovation.




4th September
10 am - 9 pm

Giorgio Caporaso, architect and designer of LESSMORE, will show visitors the concepts and methods of designing and building some of his eco-sustainable furniture in cardboard and wood.


5th September
10 am - 9 pm

Loredana Giulioli experiments with contemporary illustration.
Loredana Giulioli's pencil is an old sewing machine with which she traces lines that become drawings and words.


6th September
10 am - 9 pm

Caterina Crepax, daughter of art and artist, will involve the public with her passion for paper, creating some works of art made with this material.


7th September
10 am - 9 pm

Giuseppe Mazzardi, INVENTOOM designer and craftsman, can combine various styles and materials to create new elegant and exclusive furniture items. One of his works, made up of hundreds of game dice, will be the object of his performance.


8th September
10 am - 9 pm

Gemma Margalef Soldevila will make her colorful and sustainable lampshades in wool and cotton. Her works also show
in the layout of the Zakuro restaurant.

9-10th September
10 am - 9 pm

4-10 September 2021
 10:00AM - 9:00PM
via Vincenzo Monti 12, Milano

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