DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Emanuele Drago: Guilt-Free Plastic

Alternatives to plastic and materials with low environmental impact are becoming more and more common in the production of furniture. Explore design products and innovative collections on Design Italy.

Are you mindful of the environment and feel guilty about buying plastic outdoor or indoor furniture? Plastic is certainly a lightweight and versatile material, making it an easy choice for many, but it also poses big issues in terms of sustainability. Yet modern, innovative plastic can also be environmentally friendly if it’s made from recycled materials and is produced sustainable.

Plastic has been a part of life since the end of WWII, but the discovery of the polymers that led to the production of commercial plastics dates back to the final decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century. Just think: 56% of plastic produced annually is not recycled or disposed of properly, but as an informed consumer, you can decide to buy plastic furnishings that respect the planet and are sustainable.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more biodegradable plastics that are strong and durable enough for a variety of uses, including as furniture. Various types of bioplastics made from natural materials are now on the market, with some of the most-used materials being cornstarch, beets, sugar cane, and the exoskeletons of insects and crustaceans.

Since protecting the environment for future generations is the ultimate goal, Design Italy is passionate about design and sustainability and offers unique, exquisitely crafted designer indoor and outdoor furnishings in bioplastic and recycled plastic. With temperatures rising and summer around the corner, Design Italy’s collections of sustainable outdoor furniture are perfect for those with terraces, balconies or yards.

Medaarch’s Mediterranea collection is all about 3D printed designs in recycled plastic and bioplastic, and is perfect for creating a contemporary, chic and colorful outdoor space. Pieces from the collection that will embellish your outdoor space include stylish yellow CAPRI armchair and coffee table STROMBOLI. Serralunga’s designs and accessories are also perfect for decorating and illuminating your yard, pool area or rooftop space, with pieces like the SCARLETT vase and armchair PINE BEACH, both with internal lighting systems and designed by Christophe Pillet.

Head to Design Italy to explore these and other brands and products that showcase the sustainable, innovative side of Italian design. Check out our Guiltless Plastic selection.

Emanuele Drago