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Guiltless Plastic

Guiltless Plastic and Sustainable Design 

Design Italy is committed to sustainability and fighting climate change and is proud to select sustainable designs and environmentally friendly brands

A big part of advocating for sustainability is re-examining our approach to how plastic is used and disposed of, and designers around the world are playing an important role by changing the way they use plastic in the field of design. This includes "guiltless plastic" designs that employ recycled, recyclable and eco-friendly plastics that keep the environment in mind. 

We offer a wide range of furniture and accessories in recycled plastic, like Driade's Green Collection, which uses innovative treatments to transform what was once a harmful material into an eco-friendly design, as well as Medaarch's distinctive collection featuring furnishings in bioplastics.

Shop other unique guiltless plastic designs including Dygo Design's decorative vases, made from biodegradable and compostable plastic obtained from processing the sugars found in corn, and Serralunga's 100% recyclable collection of outdoor furnishings and accessories.

As part of Design Italy's commitment to taking care of our planet, we're excited to offer a special discount of up to 25% on our featured sustainable products. 

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