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The MAG 12/22

TREND by Manuela Antoniazzi

Game furniture fooseball - Design Italy

The luxury Italian design market offers a wide variety of furnishings and accessories for fun and games.

Ideas for decorating your game room with functional designer furniture

It’s becoming increasingly important to create the perfect space for relaxing and unwinding at home, whether by ourselves or with friends and family, which means that choosing comfortable and visually appealing furniture, games and accessories is super important. And what’s more, the concept of a space specifically dedicated to play, fun and games has evolved over time and has also become increasingly relevant in terms of product quality and aesthetics.

Read on for tips on creating a stylish game room, perfect for fun for all ages!

Have fun in class and style

The luxury Italian design market offers a wide variety of furnishings and accessories for fun and games, with prestigious high-end design brands catering to the most fun-loving of clients with collections of pool, foosball, and table tennis tables, poker sets and tables, golf clubs and more.


An example of a particularly interesting product, also because of its versatility, is pool table CUBISTA by Basaglia and Rota Nodaris, with design details inspired by the Cubist movement. At first glance it looks like a streamlined, elegant dining table but it transforms into a pool table when mealtime is over, making this the perfect table for pool enthusiasts who want space-saving solutions.


Another classic game for the home or office is foosball, or ping pong. Foosball table JOIE Melon by Giacopini features a metal, perforated structure with a powder coating finish, is available in a variety of colors, and has fun detailing including cork knobs.

For those who crave intense friendly competition, ping pong table SPIDER by Basaglia and Rota Nodari blends innovation and functionality as it can be transformed into a table or desk for dining, working or studying.

Golf Putter MAGIS by San Lorenzo

Golf enthusiasts will also love golf putter MAGIS, designed by Tobia Scarpa for San Lorenzo. Technology and exquisite design blend to create a unique putter in 925 silver, tungsten and titanium that was designed to optimize performance. The name of the putter, from the Latin adverb “magis”, meaning “more”, reminds players to strive for improvement.


And finally, for more sedentary but still passionate fun-lovers, the UNOOTTO  poker table by IMPATIA features a beautiful design and was crafted by expert artisans who combined glass, leather and marble in a customizable color combination and with the possibility of adding personalized engravings.

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