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San Lorenzo is a company that was founded in Milan in 1970 with the aim of revolutionizing the use of silver through design. By combining traditional silversmith skills with technology, San Lorenzo introduced a new approach to silver that prioritizes the material's nature while adhering to formal norms. The company is known for its precise, design-oriented decisions that demonstrate the value of using silver beyond its typical uses, including in cooking utensils.

San Lorenzo's corporate culture is based on design, and the company combines technique, form, and function to determine the form of its objects. They reject stylistic clichés and conduct research and carefully preparation of prototypes to create objects that represent our era. The company has collaborated with manufacturers to interpret the "sign of the times" and suggest possible solutions based on public demand.

Since the 1990s, San Lorenzo has been producing practical-use objects in pure silver (999). Their products can be found in collections in the most important European and American museums.

"San Lorenzo is a pioneer in insights and the ways in which these are revealed: precise, structural, design-oriented decisions."


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