Various Types of Tables and Where to Use Them in Your Home or Office

The MAG 11/22

GUIDE by Chiara Colmegna


This guide will take you through the many types of various tables out there so that you can choose just the right one for your home, office or venue. The first important step is to always check how much space you have before purchasing any table, as well as decide the purpose your table will have.

Designer coffee tables and side tables


Glass Coffee Table INFINITY by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Arflex


Coffee tables are those pieces of furniture that are usually located in front of the sofa and serve to create a sense of warmth and comfort that characterizes any living room. A coffee table, true to its name, serves to rest small objects, like cups of coffee or tea, and have them readily available when on the couch. The perfect height for a coffee table ranges from 30 to 45 cm, and a coffee table should never be higher than your sofa.


Accent Table CICOGNINO by Franco Albini for Cassina

Conversely, side or accent tables normally range from 50 to 70 cm in height and are more decorative design pieces. In fact, side tables aren’t arranged in the center of the room or in front of the couch, but rather to the sides of the sofa or window.


Side Table TOD by Todd Bracher for Zanotta

C-shaped tables are sophisticated accent tables, like the TOD coffee table designed by Todd Bracher for Zanotta. This type of table has a distinctive shape and offers convenience and functionality as it can be moved closer to the couch or slide under it, as well as offers the perfect spot for working or eating.


Square Table Set CORDULA CUOIO by Missoni Home Collection

For those in need of flexible, versatile furnishings, stackable coffee tables are the ideal solution. Go for groups of two or more small tables or nesting tables in differing sizes, like Missoni Home Collection’s CORDULA CUOIO tables.



Designer console tables


Console TYRON by Studio 63 for Missoni


Console tables are especially functional pieces of furniture as they are often used in the entryway or next to the front door and are the perfect space to store keys and other trinkets. Often they’re combined with a mirror so you can check your appearance before heading out the door. A console’s standard dimensions are 35-40 cm, with heights varying from 60 to 70 cm.

Designer dining tables


Dining Table ASYMMETRIC by DFdesignLab


Your dining table is that essential piece of furniture that often defines the layout of a home. There are nearly endless types of dining tables, and it can be challenging to choose just the right one for you and your space. Rectangular dining tables are the most classic, but if you want to save space, a round table can be a better fit. Instead, oval tables can tend to offer a more impactful and harmonious look.

Whether or not you choose a dining table that can be extended with leaves, keep in mind how many people can sit at your table. When seated, a person needs 40 cm in front of them to eat comfortably, while each diner’s seat needs at least 60 cm of space so as to move around with ease.

Rectangular table measurements:
Four-seater: 100 cm x 80 cm
Six-seater: 120 cm x 80 cm
Eight-seater: 180 cm x 80 cm
Ten-seater: 240 cm x 80 cm

Round table measurements:
Four-seater: at least 77 cm in diameter
Six-seater: at least 115 cm in diameter
Eight-seater: at least 153 cm in diameter
Twelve-seater: at least 230 cm in diameter

Oval table measurements:
Four-seater: 120 cm x 60 cm
Six-seater: 180 cm x 90 cm
Eight-seater 100 cm x 200 cm
Ten-seater: 240 cm x 120 cm

Designer desks for the office and working from home

Whether you work from home or from the office, the right desk is essential to working well. It’s also important that your desk reflects the space it will be used in.

From the most commonly used materials like laminate to more classic ones like wood, choose your desk or workspace also based on its function. A wide table is ideal for meeting rooms and conference rooms, so that all participants can gather easily and feel included. Desks on the other hand can be smaller in size but should also have drawers or hidden compartments to be able to store office supplies and other objects in an orderly manner.


Marble Writing Desk SIGMUND by Studio Asaï for Arflex

At home, a writing desk is a must-have piece, whether for working, studying or other activities. The standard size of a desk ranges from 70-75 cm in height to a depth of at least 60 cm, while widths can vary from 90 to 100 cm.

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