Bedroom Lighting Guide: How to Get the Perfect Lighting in Your Room

The MAG 12/22

TUTORIAL By Emanuele Drago


Whether you’re remodeling your house, designing one from the foundations up, or just want to add a touch of newness to your home, use this fool-proof guide on all things bedroom lighting to get just the right look and feel in your room.




There are three key aspects to keep in mind when deciding on what lighting to add to your space: you’ll want to choose lighting that’s appropriate to the location; functional lighting, whether hanging lamps, wall lamps or spotlights; and the right amount of light.

With these three building blocks in mind, you’ll achieve aesthetically appealing and above all functional lighting, and that will ensure the right amount of light whether you’re reading before bed, getting dressed or relaxing.

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You’ll first want to prep your overall room before choosing what type of lamps to buy. Many people choose to paint their ceiling white or a very light color, as a dark color or dark wood beams will create a darker atmosphere throughout the room. Also make sure to limit bright colors, even if it might be tempting to paint your whole bedroom in your favorite brightest, most vivid colors. It’s best to keep bright and bold colors for accent walls and furnishing elements.

And if you do have darker colors in a room, make sure to make the most of natural lighting. Choose warm white light, around 2500/3000K, and avoid using bulbs or LEDs that produce cool white light, as warmer white temperatures tend to make a space more welcoming and cozy.

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There are usually three types or areas of lighting in a bedroom: general lighting, lighting for the dressing room/closet area, and one for reading. For more general lighting in your bedroom, go for hanging lamps or wall sconces. Just make sure any hanging light fixtures are placed high enough above the bed.

And if your wardrobe is in your bedroom, it’s important to be able to see the colors and shades of your clothing properly. Make sure to place light sources directly inside the closet, at the top and under any shelves. You can always also use recessed spotlights above your wardrobe, just as long as they are located far enough away from your bed.

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Always remember to use adjustable, non-diffused reading lamps if you’re someone who loves to read in bed, so as to make sure you don’t disturb your partner (or your children, if they sleep with you!). Avoid using recessed spotlights placed right on nightstands as this type of light can be bothersome when lying on the bed or positioned sideways to read.

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The design and appearance of the various types of lighting available for your bedroom is nearly endless, and finding the right lamps that best suits the style you have chosen for your bedroom is the key. Pieces can range from the vintage-looking designs of Stilnovo to the iconic designer lamps produced by FontanaArte to the beautiful lamps by Mogg or Missoni Home. And don’t rule out the idea of using candles to add a warm, cozy extra source of light when you want to create a particularly bright and cheerful atmosphere.

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