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Italian artisanal furniture for your spaces

Home Collection if we are looking for pieces to celebrate the contemporary design. The history of the Missoni brand speaks of Italian craftsmanship in the world.

Its unmistakable style makes every indoor and outdoor space unique thanks to its famous fabrics, protagonists of the Missoni Home furnishings. Check out our selection of lamps, armchairs, sofas, lounge chairs and tables.

Missoni and Italian culture of craftsmanship

Missoni promotes the Italian culture of craftsmanship and creativity through the quality and research of materials and design evolution. Here you’ll find a home decor collection designed across art, colour and techniques. A set of living projects to be arranged in wide-ranging choreographies and modulated into infinite aesthetic and chromatic puzzles. In the world of Missoni, where creativity and design go hand in hand with unchallenged research and craft experimentation, art and craft are inextricably linked.

Luxurious home furniture

Not only high quality of materials but also high quality of design. The symbolic moods of the collections suggest eclectic and luxurious furnishing solutions. Live with the freedom to bring joy and style indoors and outdoors. The Missoni Home Collection 2021 features four mysterious atmosphere themes: Garden Light, Night Flower, Iconic FR and the astral Constellation.

Materials and Colours

New materials come into play, such as wood and resin on glass for new decorative forms interspersed with furniture covered in iconic fabrics. The fresh colour's palettes, the chiaroscuro contrasts and the sign's graphics pour positive energy into the seatings and complements.

Missoni Home History

The strength of the brand lies in its history and its protagonists: Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, who founded Missoni, a luxury lifestyle brand, in 1953. From their first collection "Milano-Sympathy" began the climb to success that made them famous all over the world. In the 1970s, the first prestigious boutique in the United States inside the famous Bloomingdale's was mentioned by the most important magazines, including Vogue, Chicago Tribune and New York Times, a great achievement for Made in Italy in the world. Success is declared with the opening of new boutiques in Italy, Paris, Germany, Japan, the Middle East and New York. Promoter of a lively and optimistic aesthetic, in which the use of color and geometric patterns define an unmistakable style -which is embodied in a wide range of products and designs, including women's and men's RTW collections, sportswear, beachwear, textile and leather accessories -Missoni's production over time is also enriched with home linens and furnishings, expanding the brand by naming it Missoni Home, which now interprets the human values of sustainability, inclusiveness and respect for diversity rooted in the company by the brand's founders. Missoni Home, with its vibrant colors and iconic zigzag and flamed patterns will soon go on to decorate the common spaces and luxurious residences of the new Missoni Baia real estate projects in Miami, and the Urban Oasis in Dubai.

While Europe and the United States are currently the main target markets for the brand, Missoni is developing its business in the Middle East and the Far East, where in particular the brand is planning a series of major openings in China.

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