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Alessandra Cinti and Elisa Palladinelli are Seà Design, a company founded in 2017 to pursue a utopian concept: give design back its feminine side. And make it sinuous, stubborn, eclectic, rigorous, light, sophisticated, visionary and energetic. Two women, two designers, two businesswomen.

Imagine it like this: stiletto heels and sketch pads always in hand. It takes both things to be women and designers, but the heart, mind, and imagination are also needed. Each Seà Design project is positioned exactly at the zenith of a gradual maturation of ideas and is the result of a development that is also continuous evolution. Every creative thought that comes to life is aimed at the future and at transformation, a sign of all that has yet to exist and that will be created, an objectification of the infinite possibilities of contemporary living.

The incursions of Seà Design take place in the field of interior and industrial design, graphics and web design and set-up. They are for the retail and wholesale sectors, offering eclectic and innovative solutions to meet the needs of those looking for style without compromise.

In 2018, the two designers created the brand EOA, designed to remove the superfluous and to focus on the relationship between form and function in a continuous search for a balance with the surrounding environment.

The result? Unique products that become keystones, the focus of conversation, pieces of a fascinating story. A bit of Bauhaus for conceptual precision, a touch of Japan for clean lines, and a dose of innovation to reinvent the simplest of objects: this is recipe of EOA, a brand by Seà Design.

«Designing a green risotto or the dish in which to cook it requires the use of a method» Munari said.

EOA does exactly this: design with a method. Angular shapes to delimit, circular figures to incorporate: it is from geometry that the logo takes its shape, a synergy composed of a square (E), a circle (O) and a triangle (A).

The furniture line consists of cube-shaped, square and round multifunctional coffee tables to triangular-shaped suspension and table lamps.

A new concept of lighting takes shape that - thanks to the use of plexiglass and laser cutting - emphasises the shapes' perimeter despite the material's transparency.

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