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Paola Ducoli is a designer from Brescia and since childhood has felt great admiration and passion for artistic jewellery. After studying cultural heritage restoration and specialising in the traditional mosaic technique, in 2018 she launched the Paola Ducoli brand and presented her first jewellery collection using this technique.

As a skilled artisan and prototype designer, she independently creates mosaic jewels in her workshop and combines this timeless technique with her contemporary designs, creating distinctive pieces of the highest quality.

"My jewels are unique both in form and substance."

All her work is exclusively made in Italy, both in terms of the centuries-old traditional production process, and the raw materials used. In her works, which are alive with colour and light, she exclusively uses Murano glass, a favourite in Italian craftsmanship.

Each of her pieces is handmade and imbued with dedication and attention to detail. This uniqueness is reached through glass breaking, which gives shape to a different and inimitable object each time. Her creations are outstanding and are created for an attentive audience in search of exclusive pieces of jewellery.

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