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Halloween Collection

Welcome to Our Halloween Collection

Welcome to the enchanting world of gothic elegance and high-quality Italian design. Our Halloween collection pays tribute to mystery, dark allure, and timeless style. With refined details and an unmistakable style, we transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, bringing magic and unease to your Halloween celebration.

Spookily Chic Umbrellas

Umbrellas with Skull Handles and Unique Shapes by Pasotti! Explore our selection of elegant and spookily chic umbrellas. Skull handles and other unique shapes turn a common accessory into a style statement. Each umbrella is a fusion of Italian design and Halloween, creating a functional accessory that captures the essence of this unique holiday.

Leather Bracelets for a Gothic Look

Complete your Halloween look with our leather bracelets by Krack Milano inspired by the dark side. Crafted with artisanal care in Italy, these bracelets pay homage to the dark side of fashion. Whether you desire a touch of gothic elegance or a bold addition to your Halloween costume, you'll find the perfect bracelet in our collection.

Dramatic Mirrors for the Perfect Atmosphere

Our dramatic mirrors are an essential addition to creating the perfect Halloween atmosphere. With elaborate frames and gothic details, these mirrors transform your image into a work of art. Add a touch of dark magic to your home with our unique mirrors designed by Sturm Milano and Mogg.

Discover the Elegant Side of Halloween

Our Halloween collection is crafted with passion and expertise in Italy. Each piece is a work of art in itself, created with high-quality materials and extraordinary attention to detail. Choose your unique design object and turn every moment into a spookily elegant experience. Be prepared to celebrate Halloween with a style that honors the dark side and the art of Made-in-Italy.

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