A journalist from Piacenza city, she approached design thanks to her frequent visits to fashion shows backstage, inspired by her curiosity and desire to discover the secrets behind every artistic creation. In 2017, her passion for design led her to launch KRACK, a Made in Italy series of leather bracelets that reveal a true communication project. Through her brand, she chooses to break the rules of a look of sobriety imposed by social and working life and to give women a more rock and transgressive styling detail. Her bracelets are iconic objects, capable of showing a personality characterised by great determination and inner strength.


Styling detail talks about you, makes others understand who you are, it's like a tattoo: nowadays, accessory defines you much more than anything else.


The project is the result of long research, full of inspiration and elegant reinterpretations.

The use of materials such as leather and nickel-free metal is combined with eco-sustainable principles of work by historic artisan excellence in the sector. Her projects, graphically designed and re-elaborated in the workshop, turn into high-quality creations for the luxury market.

Her constant commitment to styling details, combined with an innate desire to break the mould, is guiding her towards new and engaging artistic experiments.