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DygoDesign was born from the vision of three founders who want to combine Art, Technology, and Sustainability through an innovative project, to create a collection of unique products, using techniques and materials never seen before.

A path of research and experimentation that lasted over a year, ranging from digital design to the study of materials technology, thus discovering the “Fusion Deposition Modeling” technique.

Through this advanced three-dimensional printing system, the material is poured layer by layer, exploiting its malleability at high temperatures, without any type of toxic emission.

Our goal is to offer a taste of the future

DygoDesign thus creates a bold and contemporary collection.

Natural materials and sustainable technology are used together to give life to elements designed and created entirely in Italy with full respect for the environment. All the materials used in the production are carefully selected, guaranteed, certified and totally biodegradable.

This is DygoDesign: elements of digital craftsmanship Made in Italy, designed and produced with new technologies, and created individually unique and exclusive pieces.

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