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Venetica is a brand that embodies the experience of admirable Venetian design, which is the result of the selection of the best local craftsmen who contribute to giving prestige to the concept of made-in-Italy.

To us, Venetica is a language, our language, so ancient as to have the power to relate meanings, objects, people, imagination, dreams, know-how and culture.

Venetica is a timeless adventure: a language that characterises places, objects, uses, people and stories not only in the Veneto area, and that shines its brightest light in Venice but also all over the world.

For some, it is the expression of refined design with a contemporary feel but timeless roots. For others, it is a game like those of children, who know how to transform real objects into tools for dreaming, to conquer lands, seas and skies. For many it is the creation of a unique work, made such by the craftsmanship of a hand that knows how to build thanks to experience that has been passed down for generations for centuries.

For those who believe in it, Venetica is a bit of magic.

"Who we are? We are craftsmen, creative people, storytellers, adults and children: we are the children of our land."

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