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Vanessa was born and raised in Brazil, surrounded by fashion, colour, and design. She studied fashion management in San Paolo, where she discovered her fascination for textiles and innovative materials. Then, inspired by Italian craftsmanship and textile expertise, Vanessa moved to Italy in 2005.

She has long been an advocate for preserving traditional skills and realized that focus needs to be placed on a circular economy and preserving traditions through sustainable manufacturing.

Vanessa believes in a future where fashion accessories are designed for long life and made sustainably, preserving traditional handicraft techniques that keep our earth healthy, and generating sustainable livelihoods in creative communities across the globe.

Her passion for shapes, colours, and materials blends with a Powerful combination of sophistication, eco-friendliness, traditional craftsmanship, and innovative techniques.

In 2019, she launched Vanessa Saroni, a sustainable luxury fashion brand in which women play a leading role.

"We only use sustainable fabrics manufactured with minimal environmental impact, combined with the timeless elegance and style of Italian fashion tradition. Our cultural roots are in Brazil and Italy, and we love to intertwine the traditions and points of view of both these cultures, giving birth to surprisingly unique pieces."

Our goal is to empower women through collaboration on viable, artisanal fashion projects. We aim to bring creative women together to create a more sustainable and beautiful world".

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