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Atelier Crestani

Contemporary Glass Art

Glass artist Simone Crestani founded Atelier Crestani in 2010 in the Veneto region of Italy.

Crestani began working as a craftsman and from a young age had the opportunity to learn the complex techniques of glassmaking at the workshop of master glassblower Massimo Lunardon.

Glass chose me before I had any idea of what I wanted to become.

After studying under several master glass artists, Crestamo specialized in processing borosilicate transpiring glass.

His dedication, love of glass as a material, and continued curiosity give life to his unique creations which have become famous internationally.

His technique is based on the language of art that takes inspiration from nature and what inhabits it.

Refined design and craftsmanship

Atelier Crestani designs are poetic and spectacular transparent glass animals and natural objects which are portrayed with extreme realism and minute detail.

For me, natural forms are examples of balance and imperfect elegance. I rework these forms through the language of art, mixing them with contemporary content and giving life to an idea that is then expressed in my works.

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