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Caterina Crepax

Daughter of famous cartoonist Guido Crepax, Caterina was born in Milan and was raised in an atmosphere full of imagination.An interior architect who sculpts sumptuous, surprisingly detailed clothes and refined paper objects where common paper materials are restored to create a metamorphosis and thus transformed into precious "fabrics".

My creations are a chrysalis without a body, whose memory they preserve.

The dress becomes a place where the body lives and expresses itself, a refuge and a magic window: fascinating and ethereal clothes that evoke the desire to be worn. Cuts, creases, gatherings, pleats, puffs and inlays give life to magical creations - sometimes internally illuminated - that take inspiration from the animal or plant world as well as from architectural decorations.

Hence an entire line of unique pieces including bustiers, hats, overskirts, one-sleeve dresses, shoulder bags, bracelets and various accessories that were created to decorate the dress and the body. In addition, she also produces sculptures that are entirely made with tissue paper layers and vinyl glue, modelled on tailored mannequins. Empty inside, carved and decorated with finely crafted applications and inserts, they are often internally illuminated to create a strong visual impact in the environment where they are placed.

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