Choosing the Right Lighting for the Home & Office

The MAG 12/22

ARTICLE by Chiara Colmegna

Lighting for the Home and Office 01

When decorating a home, one of the most important choices we face is choosing our interior lighting. Read on for our guide to choosing the right type of lamps and lighting fixtures for your home

The right lighting, whether natural or artificial, can make or break the ambience in a home. Each room in a house needs its own type of lighting and lamps, from ambient lighting in the living room and dining room to task lighting in a study or home office.

Lighting not only has the task of illuminating but also serves to make a space feel cozy and welcoming. And the different types of lighting, namely ambient lighting, task lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting, are there precisely to help us read or work well, or highlight the details of a painting or sculpture. So, as a first step in choosing lighting fixtures, we should always identify the use and purpose each lamp will have.

Table & desk lamps


A bedside lamp is ideal for reading in your bedroom before turning out the light, so it should be the right size to place on your nightstand or bedside table. Instead, a directional lamp or desk lamp may be the right choice if you’re designing a home office, and will allow you to focus better and avoid eye strain, as often hanging or suspension lamps on the ceiling aren’t enough and can cause eye discomfort.

Clip-on lamps are also super handy as they can be easily attached and removed from the edge of a table or desk, including when working from home or the office. Other popular table lamp solutions are dimmable ones, wireless lamps, rechargeable lamps, and lamps with built-in USB chargers.



Floor lamps, wall sconces & chandeliers



Ideal for adding soft lighting as well as adding a finishing touch to the decor of a room, floor lamps come in various types. The classic floor lamp features a base, a stem and a shade. For a more dynamic and dramatic effect, you can also opt for an arched lamp that provides direct lighting to the center of the living room or to your sofa or seating area. Martinelli Luce’s BICONICA lamp is a beautiful example of a projector floor lamp that diffuses light on the ceiling and creates a warm atmosphere.


A dimmable wall lamp or sconce is also a way to get the perfect lighting. These types of lamps are often used to illuminate dining tables or the center of living rooms and lend themselves to an elegant and distinctive style. Brass wall lamp OSCAR by Sicis is a beautiful example of a designer wall lamp.

Choosing between various types of light bulbs

Beyond the aesthetics of the lighting you choose for your home, it’s important to consider the brightness, temperature and energy efficiency of your light bulbs.

LED light bulbs are definitely the best choice in terms of energy savings and long-lasting lighting. Another factor to consider is the temperature of the light that best suits your space: warm white light is ideal for smaller rooms, whereas cool white light can work for larger or outdoor spaces. White light that is neither too warm nor too cool is often preferred in work environments to ensure productivity without sacrificing eyesight and creating eye strain, whereas warm white light tends to be better for spaces dedicated to relaxation, including living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms.

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