How to arrange a sofa in the living room

The MAG 10/22

TUTORIAL by Emanuele Drago


Your living room is that one space in your house that’s dedicated to rest, relaxation and leisure. And the ultimate piece of furniture and focal point of any living room is the sofa.

Choosing the perfect sofa means deciding on the style of the entire room, but it’s also important to follow this simple but essential rule: don’t just buy a nice-looking sofa, make sure to decide on its function. There’s a big difference between a sofa that will be used for seating guests in a more formal setting, or one that will be used for lounging and watching TV and movies with the whole family.

Choosing a sofa upholstery and color

STRIPS Corner Sofa Cini-Boeri Arflex



Modern upholsteries, which are almost always stain-resistant treatments these days, are especially recommended for family or TV rooms where they’ll get a lot of wear and tear. The type of fabric and weave will also determine how soft your sofa is to the touch. Velvet gives off a more luxurious and refined feel, while other more practical and simple weaves are ribbed weaves and flat waves. For those with pets and children in the house, a leather sofa can also be a good choice.

TIAMAT Sofa Missoni Home Collection



When choosing a color for your couch, you can decide on a hue that reflects the color palette you’ve chosen for your walls, carpets and accents, creating a matching effect. Or you can opt for a color that completely stands out and makes a statement. Unexpected color choices can often make a space come alive.

The key is to have at least two elements in the room with similar colors: for example, your sofa could be in the dominant colors of a painting or a rug.


Where to place your sofa

MOD sofa Driade



A good rule of thumb is to put your couch in the opposite corner from windows and doors, positioning it flush with the wall. If you have a fireplace, place your sofa in front of it with additional seating elements like armchairs on either side so as to create a cozy space for conversing and relaxing.

If you have a space with large windows that look out onto a beautiful view, whether of nature or a cityscape, make sure to place your sofa in such a way that you and your guests can admire the panorama when sitting down.


ARPA sofa MDF Italia



Where possible, avoid placing your sofa so that the first thing you see when you enter the room is the back, unless your sofa features an especially aesthetically pleasing design. If you decide to put your sofa in the middle of the room, a console table with some accent pieces like a table lamp or other small decorative objects can be strategically used to hide the back.


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