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Design Italy is a new showcase of Italian design, in all its forms: industrial, artisan, artistic production, self-production, limited editions and re-editions.

The varied offer, the result of a 360 ° look at the world of design, has a contemporary cut in harmony with the epochal temperature.

The goal is to enhance the quality of Italian know-how, both industrial and artisanal, of aesthetics, nourished by the lessons of the great masters of Italian design, formal and typological design and innovation, with an eye to the new talents and contaminations, increasingly frequent, with fashion and art.

From January, thanks to my long experience in fashion as a journalist, in design as a journalist, critic and curator, of my relationships with the protagonists of the project, I began my collaboration with Design Italy as an editorial consultant to tell stories of things and people, to identify trends, useful to provide ideas and suggestions that accompany the reader on a journey, full of certainties and surprises, in Italian design, to select new designers and new products, expanding the offer, while keeping the top constant quality level, to underline the contamination between design, fashion and art in order to define new living styles, with the aim of making good Italian design familiar and everyday.

Cristina Morozzi