EDITORIAL: Hotel Parco dei Principi designed by Gio Ponti

The MAG - 01.24

By Cristina Morozzi

Built on a tufa terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the Hotel Parco dei Principi, a five-star establishment designed by Gio Ponti and inaugurated on April 11,1962, has been designated as a Hotel Museum for its fiftieth anniversary.

It eloquently reflects the distinctive style of Gio Ponti. The pristine architecture reflects the colors of the Mediterranean light, while the garden in front creates clearings of shade. A singular color dominates – the azure of the sea, seen in the decorated tiles and essential furnishings.

A subtle, monastic sensation greets the visitor, devoid of any resemblance to luxury hotels. There is no unnecessary decoration, only the delight found in the elegantly furnished rooms, chairs, vanities, all tinted in a pale blue that engages in a dialogue with the cobalt blue friezes of the tiles. It's not the luxury of superfluous embellishments, but rather the simplicity of harmony between lines, lights, and colors.