REPORTAGE: Vico Magistretti

The Triennale di Milano dedicates a free exhibition to Vico Magistretti, architect and designer (May 11th - September 12th).

The exhibition, curated by Gabriele Neri in collaboration with the Magistretti Archive, retraces the entire planning process of architecture and design, exhibiting sketches, drawings, photographs, models, prototypes, and original pieces preserved in the archive, thus restoring their breadth and complexity and enhancing their Milanese character. Stefano Boeri, president of the Triennale di Milano, in his inaugural speech declared that “Simplicity, elegance, and geniality define Vico Magistretti works. Thanks to a fruitful dialogue between designers and enlightened entrepreneurs, he was able to project the Italian design from Milan to the whole world”.

Divided into thematic sections, the exhibition presents a path in which architecture and design are intertwined in all their forms, celebrating the most famous icons and giving critical interpretations. The exhibition aims to highlight Magistretti's international opening. He was one of the most representative figures of the Milanese design culture of the second half of the 20th century. Magistretti also had close connections to England, where he taught for several years at the Royal College of London, Japan and Northern countries, which influenced his work.