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Corsi Design was created in 2003 after a fortunate encounter between Gaetano Pesce and Andrea Corsi.

The designer, sharing his magic formula, entrusted the artisan with creating a new range of resin products. Andrea Corsi began experimenting with the material, trying to subdue its fluctuating nature and paying meticulous attention to detail, improving the different models and creating a product line.

Years of experience, trial, error, intuition and discovery have led to today’s exceptional results.

A series of collections that are constantly evolving, mainly due to the collaboration with internationally-acclaimed designers combined with the artisan's mastery.

Material: In the mid-90s, Gaetano Pesce had the fortunate idea of using resin, an industrial material, to create art and design pieces. Subsequently, Andrea Corsi, improving upon the techniques and carefully studying the material’s properties, reached the unique quality that distinguishes all Corsi Design collections.

Techniques: Several techniques and a variety of resins are used based on which pieces are being produced. The use of moulds, coloured pigments, spatula strokes, mixing, pouring, extruding reach the culmination in the purest of gestures, with the sculptors using the resin as if it were clay.

Experimentation: Working day by day with a material that doesn’t have a history allows us to observe the results, mistakes and coincidences, and that awareness, combined with the artisan’s expert hands, helps to create something magical and extraordinary every time.

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