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Craftsman and designer with Italian-American roots, Daniele Paoletti approached the world of metalworking for the first time thanks to his love of vintage cars. His passion for and attention to the material, together with his eye for design, led him to launch his brand "Daniele Paoletti".

"I am a self-taught person in the true sense of the word: I study, I experience, and I create totally on my own".

His creations - candelabras, tables, trays, mirrors and home decor in general - feature meticulous attention to detail and hand finishing. He experiments all the potential and aesthetic peculiarities of materials including iron, copper, stainless steel, corten, bronze and aluminium. Paoletti allows metals to fully express their materiality and become poetic.

"I love getting my hands dirty; the manual part of my work is the one I care about the most."

His simple and elegant style is the result of years of experimentation in processing materials and a constant search for new solutions. His creations are created in his Teramo workshop, at times with the support of technologically advanced companies. His works are pieces of great value that embody a pure, genuine, and immense passion.

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