Silvia Scaramucci is the Creative Director & Designer for this brand, focused on the production of unique and exclusive artbags. The team is composed by young creative people, from designers to artists, sculptors, painters, embroiderers up to goldsmiths. Everything they create is handmade, thus together, they want to challenge the mass production market with their infinite creativity, their most precious skill.


The only way to be different is to be unique.



In each creation, an experience is told with the need to return to the essence. Each work is born from the collaboration of a designer with an artist who personalized part of the work through his artistic expression. From this partnership, unique and different products come to life, as each artist adds his own experience and talent to the work, transforming the product into a true work of art, although still reproducible. Each product is certified in its authenticity and originally signed by the artists. Every item is entirely designed and produced by Italian hands, in the heart of central Italy, with the techniques learned by the ancient leather craftsmen. Each creation is made with selected materials: leather of Italian origin, fine and resistant yarns, as well as accessories made of brass and galvanized palladium with fine finishes exclusively designed for Demanumea by expert jewellers.