Easter Collection

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Easter Collection

Egg-Inspired Design and Architecture  

Easter is almost here, and at Design Italy we've decided to celebrate with a selection of iconic egg-shaped designs.

Since antiquity, the egg has had a symbolic meaning of perfection linked to birth and life. Artistic works including the famous Brera Altarpiece by Piero Della Francesca, and architectural works like the Cybertecture Egg building in Mumbai, designed by architect James Law, have offered distinctive interpretations of the shape of the egg over time.

The world of design has also found inspiration in the egg, with designers of contemporary furniture, lighting and accessories imitating the forms and features of this important staple food.

Discover Design Italy's selection of Italian egg-inspired designs, from artwork by Gennaro Regina, to Driade's iconic Soft-Egg chair, to other unique home accessories and decor.