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Harri Koskinen was born in Karstula, in Finland, in 1970 and studied at the Lahti Institute of Design and at Helsinki University of Art and Design. In 1998, he set up his own studio, called ‘Friends of Industry’, which offers products and concept design, also developing exhibition architecture. His creations, characterised by functionality and rigorous aesthetic criteria, comprise a wide range of products – furniture, tableware, glasses, lamps, candlesticks and much more – created for brands famous worldwide.

Koskinen is constantly searching for solutions that are innovative both for the consumer and the producer, pursuing his vision:

“The end price is something the designer should always bear in mind. I think it’s important to achieve a good balance, maintaining high quality.”

His international success began in 1996 with the Block lamp, now considered one of the classics of Scandinavian design and which has been part of the MoMA permanent collection since 2000. The Muu chair was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 2004.

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