Maria Cristina Andretto

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Maria Cristina Andretto

Murano glass with a contemporary design

For designer Maria Cristina Andretto, her encounter with Murano glass was love at first sight. Pursuing her passion for this incredible material, she trained in Murano in the 1980s and began her business and artistic activity in 1985, founding D.I. Più s.r.l. - Andretto Design in 1999.

Maria Cristina sees her creations as her “children” and just like a mother, she is proud of all of them and approaches her work with the dedication of a musician and the passion of an artist, with the intuition of an architect and the depth of a poet, always open to inspiration, with the awareness and respect of someone who started from scratch on her own two feet.

The business idea that still continues to inspire her exploratory journey is to craft unique, distinctive products that are handcrafted and not mass produced, and that embody the artistic nature of Murano glass, with the entirely handcrafted manufacturing process leading to the creation of designs that are extremely stylish, quality pieces that last over time.

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