A Milanese designer who loves Italy and her city. After studying interior design, in 2009 she founded her own brand "Marina C", specialized in household linen. Her creations - characterized by accurate workmanship- are unique tailored pieces that range from tablecloths to sheets, cushions and bed linens.


The passion for decoration and interior design allowed me to express myself while remaining in my beloved Milan.


Her story as a designer begins with the discovery of hidden space in the heart of Milan. In this special corner, she begins to work at her first creations and immediately raises great interest and admiration among the experts in the field. Starting from scratch, she managed to gather around her a group of exceptional artisans ready to give shape to her drawings. Guided by her personal taste, she constantly looks for new fabrics, colours and embroideries that can interpret her ideas with passion. Research to her is fundamental and it ranges from magazines to exhibitions, Pinterest and Instagram. She constantly reads up, guided by her refined taste and focusing on every detail that can somehow inspire new ideas. Her style is therefore translated into a contemporary, timeless elegance: each item is hand-cut, linens and cotton are woven and treated to keep their original colour and softness over time.