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Ever since it was founded in 1992, MDF Italia has had a dynamic vision and approach that places the value of excellent design at the centre of its production.

The company, which offers a full range of modern furniture for the home and office, collaborates with international designers to create products with a strong aesthetic impact that reveal the company’s creative and daring mastery.

Its values can be summed up in a few keywords: lightness, innovation of forms and materials, inspiring aesthetics and structures, and a strong sense of identity.

Since 2013, the company has been owned by Umberto Cassina, but the brand’s identity was developed by Bruno Fattorini. An expert in economics, Fattorini took over MDF in 1992 and managed it for 15 years, committing himself towards lifestyles based on essentials and developing a complete collection of furniture including bookcases, tables and chairs.

Among the iconic products that the company offers are Jean Nouvel’s NVL Table in stone. The distinctive features of this table are its strong, pure geometric forms yet visual lightness. Another piece is the Neil Twist Chair by Jean-Marie Massaud, a versatile, vibrant and iconic object that is in perfect harmony with the style of MDF Italia.

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