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Since 2000 - when they first met and started working together - Paola Coin and Aldo Cibic have been creating home accessories and decorative objects that stimulate individual encounters.

Paola C's vision goes beyond the idea of formal design and proposes a dimension of elegance that goes beyond the limits of time and fashion.

The catalogue has two sections:

1. Collection, which is a work in progress and therefore constantly changes, and Stories, which are the short stories of a single designer who openly interprets the brand's values. Collection stands out for its strong and refined simplicity, a soft and harmonious line often generated by a certain degree of imperfection. Paola C. pieces are sober yet unique, suggesting a spontaneous and unconventional use.

2. Stories were launched in 2014 and were created over time by great designers (Jaime Hayon, Aldo Cibic, Cristina Celestino, Elisa Ossino, Chiara Andreatti).

After nineteen years as artistic director, Aldo Cibic is now Creative Cultural Advisor. He supports the brand in its creative aspects and promotes the brand internationally.
In 2019, Gaia Bottari and Istvan Böjte took over the artistic direction of the brand. After working over the last three years to renew its identity, they now oversee products, settings and communication strategy.

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