Transforming leather into luxury furniture

Poltrona Frau’s mastery of leather is what truly sets the brand apart. The company has become renowned for its expertise in working with the material, crafting pieces that are not only visually stunning but also incredibly comfortable and durable thanks to impeccable standards. 

Poltrona Frau collaborates with the most prestigious tanneries, using leathers that are a co-product of the food industry. The company’s Pelle Frau® Research and Development Center ensures a profound knowledge and awareness of industry standards and technological advancements, while its products and leathers are meticulously tested by its Test Laboratory.

The Poltrona Frau’s Pelle Frau® catalog includes 9 leather collections that have been developed over the years thanks to unique tanning processes. And although the industry leather tanning standard includes 12-15 steps, Poltrona Frau’s elevated standards envisage a meticulous 21-step tanning, re-tanning and finishing process that guarantees the durability, special touch and aesthetic appeal of its leather furniture. 

From soft and silky leathers to thick and strong full-grain leathers and everything in between, each type of leather embodies special features that are used to craft designs from armchairs to bed, from ottomans to sideboards, and from baskets to accent tables, guaranteeing exceptional quality and style to last a lifetime.