DESIGN ITALY EDITORIAL by Cristina Morozzi: Travel in Italy 3 - ROMAGNA

The third stop of our trip is Romagna, famous for its beaches, cordial hospitality, internationally celebrated nightclubs and much more.

In the introduction of the book "The night scene, the disco-club design" by Beppe Riboli, I wrote "Nightclubs are distant, happy and chaotic planets, a fourth dimension, where the body is free, where the imagination is enhanced. It is the stage where everything is possible, a new scene for non-professional actors. It can be a dip in the past or a journey into the future."

Alpi, the first company in the world to produce decorative composite wood, is based in Modigliana in the province of Forlì. The company boasts collaborations with influential designers and architects, including Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini. Faenza hosts the International Museum of Ceramics, the most extensive collection of ceramic art. During the foggy days of winter, men wrap themselves in warm coats and wear shoes with soles made from tires. In Cesena and Forlì you can still find ten historic boutiques specialized in rust printing on linen and hemp canvas. This technique has been handed down for four generations and is based on the use of vinegar, flour and iron rust. 

In Rimini, one cannot miss "The Grand Hotel". Inaugurated in 1994 and later awarded national monument, this gem of the liberty architecture hosted various celebrities. 

This land of artists is the birthplace of Federico Fellini. As a matter of facts, some of his movies take place in Rimini, like the oscar-winning Amarcord. However, Amarcord was filmed in Cinecittà, where Fellini faithfully reconstructed the Rimini of his memories and the Gran Hotel stands out in the background.


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