Let your bag do the talking

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Handbags were first created in the 17th century to overcome the lack of pockets in clothing. They progressively transformed to accommodate new trends and needs, eventually becoming the feminine statement that they are today. A handbag is not simply an accessory to carry one's essentials; it’s an empowering piece that tells the story of who wears it.

How many types of shoulder bags can you name? Tote bags, bucket bags, shopper bags, hobo bags and we are not done yet! 

Discover a wide selection of shoulder bags featuring some of the greatest pieces of genderless fashion that will make any outfit stand out for its simplicity and refiniment. 



Adaptability is one of the many perks of crossbody bags. Small and light, they're perfect for carrying one's essential while staying stylish. It's not uncommon these days to carry one bigger bag for computers, documents or books, and a smaller crossbody bag to stay chic.


If someone asks you where you got you bag from you can tell them you were in Italy, having a glass of wine in the streets of Florence  when this charming designer approached you and invited you to enter his boutique to gift you with his latest creation.

Let them be jealous, we will keep the secret.


There is an old proverb that goes like this:

 "When going out for the evening, there are two things you can't afford to forget: a pocket mirror and a shimmering bag"

Enjoy our selection of evening bags handcrafted by the finest Italian designer. 


The importance of choosing the right work bag is crucial nowadays. Let it be resistant, of excellent quality and above all, durable. It will accompany us every day of the year, on frosty winter mornings and on hot summer afternoons, guardian of notes, memos and precious ideas. 

Our selection of work bags perfectly combines elegance, functionality and quality.


Skatò Design was created in 2007 thanks to a research project on innovation, art, creativity and attention to materials. A new way of assembling objects, just like a puzzle! Skatò accessories are made from genuine leather and stand out for their quality and personality.

Labolsina is a Milanese designer who founded her brand in 2010. Her collection is the result an ethical choice: to craft luxury bags using fabrics that were once used to fusnish luxury hotels all over the world. Labolsina mixes the couture universe with an philosophy.

With a captivating design and materials selected for their durability and functionality, SG83 is the made-in-Parma  created by Silvia Gatti. A new way of assembling objects, like a puzzle! Skatò accessories are made from genuine leather and stand out for their quality and personality.