1991 - Lithography Guido Crepax - Valentina meets Moore 2

1991 - Lithography Guido Crepax - Valentina meets Moore 2

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Valentina knelt before the statues, page 27 of the comic story "Moore's Syndrome".


Five lithographies out of 250 

189/250 - 4 Signed Author Proofs


The Archive of the designer graphics

In our family home, there's a huge nineteenth-century Dutch wardrobe. Years ago, our father converted this wardrobe into an archive of his graphics: multiples of lithographs, serigraphs and prints on various materials (such as papers of all kinds, cork sheets, metal, etc.). He started this new activity in the early 1970s alongside the first exhibitions of his works and Valentina's comic stories. Of these limited editions, the gallery owner or printer, always reserved a certain number of copies numbered or classified as Proof or Copy of the Author. Today we have decided to reopen that ancient wardrobe and, while keeping some copies for our Archive and our homes, we believe it is right, to make these last signed designer graphics available for sale.

Each work will be delivered in an exclusive package including an authenticity certificate from the author home wardrobe.

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Material: Paper

Dimensions (cm): H 35 x W 50

Dimensions (in): H 13.8 x W 19.7

Weight: 100g

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