An Informal Holiday Table

The MAG 11/22

EDITORIAL by Paola Serena

An Informal Holiday Table Placemats - Design Italy 01

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or any other holiday, it is that time of the year when families gather and a great occasion to taking special care to set the table. 

Italic Lace placemat Driade


We’re approaching that time of year when families gather, whether for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas or other holidays. And it’s also that time of year when we have special reunions with children who are away at college, often after months of living in different cities, countries or even continents.

My own daughter just returned home from college for her mid-term break, and I’ve been preparing her favorite dishes, including pasta e patate, a traditional pasta and potato dish from my hometown, Naples. I’ve also been paying particular attention to setting the table with care for our sit-down dinners together as a way of showing just how happy I am to have her home with us.




Although my children are Generation Z “zoomers” – who often tend to be far less partial to formalities like table settings than us baby boomers – they still seem strangely happy with the attention, taking pictures of the table settings and their favorite dishes and sharing them on social media. Which is why we shouldn’t despair, as sooner or later our children, too, will grow to have a greater appreciation of beautiful, tasteful and long-lasting objects.

For example, how many of us still have the glassware we were gifted for our weddings? Pieces like these are timeless and transcend generations.



Placemat TABLE-MATES by Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design


Placemat ANDORRA by Missoni Home Collection

And as we wait for our children to mature and overcome certain approaches as a way of asserting their independence and personalities, this holiday season we can still use beautiful, simple tableware to set our tables with impeccable taste.

Placemats PUNTO E LINEA by Valeria Eva Rossi

Instead of a more classic tablecloth this holiday season, placements and table runners are a perfect way to set an elegant, more informal table. On Design Italy, you’ll find a host of tableware designs for all tastes and in a host of materials, like the super colorful and cheerful resin placemats designed by Gaetano Pesce for Corsi Design, those with geometric patterns by Valeria Eva Rossi, and those by Missoni with their recognizable zig zag pattern. Other unique pieces include Driade’s indestructible bronze placemats that resemble lace, as well as Kimano's stunning marble and gold charger plates.

Why not give these beautiful pieces as gifts this year, or treat ourselves to them for the upcoming holidays? Shop all these looks and more on Design Italy.