Culture of Made in Italy and symbols of the sea

The MAG 08/22

EDITORIAL by Cristina Morozzi

Gaetano Pesce's resin vases are an example of the presence of the symbols of the sea in Made in Italy


The culture of Made in Italy is rich of symbols of the sea: the local artisans have always found inspiration in the sea and its creatures. Read the whole article.


As summer temperatures soar, our minds tend to drift away to the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea and marine-themed daydreams. The beach, sunsets, fish, shells and jellyfish are some of the things that often come to mind when we think of all things seaside. And as some of us have yet to take our first swim this summer, we can tide ourselves over by surrounding ourselves with sea-inspired designs


For shelter from summer storms, there’s Pasotti’s umbrella with its fish handle, while those who own an aquarium can add magic with Corsi design’s glowing jellyfish. And to celebrate the sea and its fauna at mealtime, nothing could be more fitting than Simone Crestani’s aquatic life-inspired creations like his transparent glass vase embraced by the tentacles of a delicate octopus, or summer table must-haves like Piatto Unico’s fun dishes inspired by Delft blue and white ceramics.

Resin Vase MEDUSA by Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design

In keeping with the theme of the sea, the Italian island of Procida was named the 2022 Italian Capital of Culture. This recognition is a tribute to Mediterranean culture, its sea, its islands and local artisans who have alway found inspiration in the sea and its creatures.

To discover more ways to add a touch of marine life to your home, visit Design Italy’s website for all things made in Italy with a focus on the South and the islands.