Bomboniera Italiana - Oct 1, 2023

Honeymoons with Children

The organization of honeymoons with children is now a well-established reality, which, year after year, records slight but steady growth, according to the renowned travel agency CartOrange. The page dedicated to this topic is one of the most visited on their website, and bookings involve children 70% of the time in the age group of 2-4 years and 30% in the age group of 5-7. Honeymoons with children are not seen as a compromise by the couples. While the choice to travel with their children is also driven by practical necessity, there is a strong desire to share unique moments with them. Often, for children, this is their first significant trip. Despite the higher costs due to the presence of one or more children, CartOrange finds that couples do not choose to economize on other aspects of the trip, confirming that the honeymoon is experienced as a unique and irreplaceable experience, where the newlyweds do not want to give up anything, not even the children's enjoyment.

Personalized consultation is a decisive factor in the success of the honeymoon: from the selection of child-friendly accommodations to the choice of additional services, and the planning of travel (considering time zones, flight hours, layovers, and more), without compromising the romantic experiences dedicated to the couple, every detail contributes to making the trip memorable for the entire family. According to the agency's predictions, the most popular destinations for the next year will be Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Florida, and Dubai.

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Design Italy, Wedding Registry Made in Italy

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly demanding but also a lot of fun and exciting. There are numerous aspects to consider to ensure that everything goes smoothly, from invitations to the ceremony, the venue for the celebrations, and the honeymoon, not to forget what will be the "love nest" for the future. Furnishing and arranging it as one has always dreamed is one of the most thrilling moments that deeply involve the couple. Fortunately, for some years now, it has been possible to create digital wedding gift lists online, allowing future spouses to choose what they desire and guests to find their gifts with a simple click.

The Wedding registry service offered by the e-commerce platform Design Italy, which promotes Italian excellences globally, helps in composing the perfect wedding list, offering additional services, personalized benefits, and meticulous attention to the smallest details in choosing select design items ranging from home decor to lighting, and even furniture accessories. After registering in the dedicated section, future spouses can interact with specialized consultants who advise them and guide them step by step in choosing the pieces that will decorate their home. From precious suggestions for the living area to the perfect lighting to customize different spaces, to accessories and complements capable of characterizing each room.

On the website, there are also several galleries of products available for free consultation, already divided into categories for inspiration. The types to browse are numerous (home decor, household linen, tableware & ceramics, art, and furnishings), as are the prestigious brands (Cassina, Martinelli Luce, Stilnovo, Poltrona Frau, Paola C., to name a few) that have chosen Design Italy's platform to showcase their products, perfect for a wedding list. Once they have created their personal page and set up the list of desired items, the couple receives a link to share with friends and relatives or on the site created for the event.

"Our clientele of future spouses is very demanding and requires attentive and personalized service," explains Paola Serena, general manager and co-founder of Design Italy. "Our consultants are architects and interior designers with extensive experience, always updated on novelties and trends in the field of home decor. We offer customized service based on clients' needs, engaging in direct dialogue with the couples or architects who guide them in furnishing their home."

Those who choose this service - in addition to enjoying the quality of the brands selected by Design Italy - also have environmental sustainability at heart. Attention to developing ecologically friendly products unites many of the entities present on Design Italy. Design Italy distributes made in Italy through its platform in over 100 countries.