How to Prepare for Christmas:
Budget, Gifts, and Sustainable Trees

The MAG - 07.23

By Chiara Colmegna

The Christmas season is approaching, and it's the perfect time to start planning a memorable Christmas for yourself and your loved ones. To make this holiday even more unique, we have prepared a guide to help you prepare for Christmas, find the perfect gifts, and create a festive atmosphere with sustainable trees. You'll also discover some irresistible design items for him and her that will make your Christmas unique.

Wood and Cardboard Sustainable Christmas Trees

Step 1: Set Your Christmas Budget

Before you start planning anything, it's essential to establish a budget for your Christmas. This step will help you avoid overspending and keep control of your finances during the holiday season. Set a maximum amount to spend on gifts, decorations, and other aspects of Christmas. Take advantage of the offers that Design Italy has in store for you; use the discount code FALL20 on selected products!

Step 2: Make the Perfect Gift List

Once you've set the budget, it's time to think about gifts for your loved ones. Create a list of people you want to give gifts to and note their preferences. At Design Italy, we offer a wide selection of designer items for both him and her, perfect for a unique and special gift. From luxury leather designer bags to exclusive home decor items, you'll indeed find something that suits your loved one's tastes.

Here are some design item ideas that will make the recipients happy:

For Her:

 Silver Necklace SENZA FINE by Lella&Massimo Vignelli for San Lorenzo 
 925 Silver Necklace ARCO by Afra&Tobia Scarpa for San Lorenzo

For Him:

                                      Silkscreen Print UNO, LA MELA by Enzo Mari                                      Silkscreen Print DUE, LA PERA by Enzo Mari for Danese Milano

Step 3: Find the Right Christmas Tree

Choosing the Christmas tree is a crucial step in preparing for the holidays. For a sustainable and design-oriented approach, you'll find cardboard Christmas trees from Lessmore or stunning wooden trees from Riva1920 on Design Italy. These trees are durable, eco-friendly, and can be reused every year, reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, add high-quality Christmas decorations for an elegant touch.

Sustainable Wood Christmas Tree MR by C.R.&S. Riva 1920 
Sustainable Wood Christmas Tree DR by C.R.&S. Riva 1920 
Sustainable Wood Christmas Tree 100 by C.R.&S. Riva 1920

Preparing for Christmas is a special time, and with careful planning, unique design gifts, and sustainable trees, you can make these holidays unforgettable for yourself and your loved ones. And if you're looking for design gifts or sustainable Christmas trees, you're in the right place to start your preparations.

Take advantage of our dedicated discounts and discover all the offers in the FALL20 collection!

Merry Christmas!