The List #17

Horoscope 2023: The Perfect Italian Designs for Each Zodiac Sign

by Antonella Dedini

Italian Designs for Each Zodiac Sign HOROSCOPE 2023 - The List 17

This month's issue of The List was a joint effort between astrologer Marco Gerosa and me, with Marco’s talent in reading and interpreting the movements of the planets and stars serving as a useful guide as we are about to embark on our journey into 2023.

Marco’s predictions take the form of designs that are in harmony with each of the signs of the zodiac. We put together a number of objects that – whether due to their design or symbolism – in some way represent the 12 signs of the zodiac in their diversity and uniqueness in their approach to life, encompassing the common strengths and weaknesses of those born at a certain time of the year.

Over the centuries, each zodiac sign has given rise to different associations in the form of shapes, animals, colors or objects that occupy our celestial home.

What do the stars tell us about the coming year?

All of us at this time are inevitably curious about what the future holds, and we are particularly attracted to anything that has that energy capable of giving us comfort. It is a proven fact that objects possess a soul, and those we surround ourselves with – most being useless but many fundamental – have accompanied us and will always accompany us in our existence.

We asked ourselves why they are here with us? Perhaps because their choice was determined by the traits of each of the zodiac signs.



Jug TROPHY BOTTLES by Atelier Crestani


Armchair UTRECHT by Cassina
 Recommended designs for Aries
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld; armchair Utrecht for Cassina; Amsterdam; 1935

Floor Lamp LUMINATOR by FontanaArte
You are attracted to streamlined forms, a posture that is comfortable but ready to jump into action. Your plans are clear, defined, and forward-looking.

Pietro Chiesa; floor lamp Luminator for FontanaArte; Italy; 1932


Power, passion, tone and brightness are your keywords.

Relaxed and comfortable but ready to jump into action at a moment's notice, you have clear-cut, well-defined and forward-looking plans.
You start off the new year with your head held high, a clear mind, and your spirit blazing thanks to the invigorating influence of Jupiter and Mars. Restraint and formality will give way to a more relaxed position in preparation for a Venus-lit summer of passion and emotional wellbeing. You might even be less inclined to start your days in a bad mood.


Shoehorn BULL by Pasotti



Recommended designs for Taurus


Ludovica + Roberto Palomba; 4-seater sofa Mod for Driade; Italy


You need a firm foundation, stability, and lots of comfort

Vase-AVVOLTI-by-La-Casa-di-PietraCardboard and marble vase Avvolti Large; La casa di Pietra; Italy


You also desire spontaneity, progress and growth.

This past year of radical decisions and changes is drawing to a close, and the idea of home, family and surrounding environments – including at work – has changed. The former revolutionary urgency of momentous planetary movements continues and will get you up off of your comfy couch of habits. While some might find this disconcerting and will attempt to hold on to the status quo, others find it enjoyable and motivating. The reckoning will come in summer, with Venus rewarding those who have persisted arduously.


Earrings LOOK AT YOU by BABS Art Gallery



Recommended designs for Gemini

Guido Crepax; signed lithograph Riflessione di Valentina; Guido Crepax Archive; Italy; 1986


Tea Cup-THE-WARM-by-Paola-C


The moment calls for reflection, in the silence and in the intimacy of your own home.

Neri & Hu; blown glass cup The Warm set of four for Paola C.


The time has come to enjoy a ceremonial tea with yourself, in front of the mirror.

This coming year is all about quiet moments of reflection - and a hot cup of tea between you and your “other” half - in the privacy and intimacy of your own home.

The positive wake of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn has taken you to new heights, at the top of the wave, where you like to glide with your surfboard with the wind in your hair and at maximum physical and mental speed. For those born in the first decan, in spring Saturn in quadrature will create a fear of failing, distraction, and a search for stability. Once you've come off your surfboard, it's time for a toast to yourself in the mirror. For those born in the second and third decans, it will be easier to continue to ride that wave in summer.


Sculpture SOLITARY by Panizzi Murano
Armchair SESANN by Tacchini

Recommended designs for Cancer


Gianfranco Frattini; armchair Sesann for Tacchini; Italy; 1969




With the confidence and security you’ve achieved, you finally come out of your shell to enjoy a harmonious, natural, cozy environment of softness and intimacy.

, cat and dog bed Dune; Italy

While recently you’ve been overtaken by a sense of melancholy, nostalgia, or a state of emotional isolation, the present and even more so the future will see you sinking into the arms of solid, enveloping and reassuring love. There’s no longer the need for you to hole up, cower or hide your head under the sand. Your bed is a place for dreaming, your soul fears no defeat, and you know your worth with your sincere, affectionate, and sharing nature.


Print SETTE, IL LEONE by Danese Milano

Recommended designs for Leo


Ildefonso Colombo; Dasè table with lamp for Mogg; Italy




No glitz: you crave the shadows, patiently waiting for a scaling back of things.

Lamp Fluida by Studio Natural for Martinelli Luce; Italy

So aim for the essentials to shed light on the little things.

You’ve had to learn to be physically, mentally and psychologically flexible. Those who have chosen to rigidly defend their Ego have wound up empty-handed and most likely remorseful. In this new year, which seems to be lighter but is even more demanding, you'll have to learn your lesson. Time, space and light curves and a new philosophical perspective removes you from the center of things so you can truly put yourself at the center.




Recommended designs for Virgo

Richard Ginori, porcelain placeholder plates Neige (set of two) for Cassina 



You aim for a jarring attack on tradition and boring routine.



Claudio Bitetti; bookshelf Adelaide Wood for Mogg; Italy



You have a great sense of proportion, albeit while breaking boundaries and with a great desire for change.


Starting in spring, the Sun is opposite Saturn for those born in the first decan, and it's an illusion that everything will be perfectly in place. Even you aren't sure where your safe place is. Going up against Saturn means embracing the dream, moving toward utopia, and toward place-lessness, detachment, love of uncertainty and doubt. Jupiter and Uranus promise support and visible results for those who courageously follow an unexpected and overwhelming vision.


Perpetual Calendar BILANCIA by Danese Milano

Recommended designs for Libra


Guido Crepax; Anita (The Sofa); signed lithograph; Guido Crepax Archive; Italy; 1976



You long for relaxation, softness, harmony and peace.



Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand; 4 Chaise longue à reglage continu for Cassina; Italy



Balance and beauty of form, well-being and swaying movement of thought.


Your psychoanalyst changed chaise lounges and now has a super sleek and elegant one. He or she says they were inspired by your stories and by an aesthetic countertransference that they had to give a physical form to. Your psychoanalyst doesn't know that you’re no longer the same, and that your subconscious and your dreams have changed. Today, love and beauty are no longer ideals in the name of which you forgive everything and everyone, but gifts that you offer only to those who open their hearts to you, for those who kiss you with open and closed eyes, on a summer night, without asking you for anything.



Umbrella SCORPION by Pasotti

Recommended designs for Scorpio

Shoehorn Dachshund with enameled brass handle; Pasotti; Italy



Even if it’s with the restless intensity that distinguishes you, you live as if you were suspended, detached from the world, in the blazing desire for stability within reach.


Silk twill pocket square Estate; Orequo; Italy



In uncertainty, you are able to prepare your shoes for any kind of path.


You slip in and out, wearing a mask in the form of a bright smile or tame lapdog. The function of this outward appearance is protective and a distraction that conceals agitated, nervous, entangled and contradictory thoughts. On the one hand, you have the feeling of being ever closer to a coveted position of power, while on the other you fear that this power could prove fleeting and inadequate to quench your desires. When in doubt, get ready for all kinds of adventures.


Earrings SAN SEBASTIANO by BABS Art Gallery

Recommended designs for Sagittarius


Corsi Design; resin vase Tartan Acquamarina by Paola Navone for One More; Italy



Although playing it by ear in the middle of the sea will make it seem like you have no points of reference, in reality, spinning around strengthens you, because this is the only way to achieve that magical excitement that only colorful optical illusions can create.

Display-Cabinet-PERFLECT-by JCP-Universe

Sam Baron; display cabinet Vetrina Perflect for JCP Universe; Italy

Saturn in quadrature for those born in the first decan, and Neptune in quadrature for those born in the third decan, have the effect of creating an optical illusion. You lack landmarks and seem to have lost your sense of direction. Where do you go if you've already been everywhere? Where do you go so as not to go backwards? Where do you go if you lack company? Where do you go to experience the thrill of a new challenge? Summer offers noteworthy, albeit transient, solutions to the problem that can fill that fragile emptiness that makes you toss and turn in bed at night.


Resin Cast CORNO STYLE by Gennaro Regina

Recommended designs for Capricorn


Gio Ponti; chair Superleggera for Cassina, Italy; 1957



Self fulfillment, solidity and rationality.



Denis Santachiara; aluminium chair Eura for Cyrcus Design; Italy; 2021



Inspiration, courage, tradition and innovation, no waste and lots of efficiency.


Your quintessence is finally rewarded, and perhaps even understood, which makes you inevitably essential to others. Your unwavering ethics, clarity in reasoning, and consistency in the things you do are ingredients that, along with excellent planetary transits in the new year, will yield tangible and substantial results. Without tiptoeing around, you can finally sit back and enjoy what you've built, with a more relaxed approach and expression, eyes wide open, and with someone staring intensely into them.


Vase ACQUA by Panizzi Murano

Recommended designs for Aquarius

Gianna Moise; red Murano glass drinking glasses Cuore; Italy



Love comes first. One more heart would be useful. Strong, red, spacious, and to put out there to test out your surroundings and any obstacles.


Valeria Eva Rossi; set of vinyl placemats Punto e Linea; Italy



The signs are clear: slow down because now your path is safe, with straight and simple lines and lots of defining moments.

It would be handy to have one more heart: a resilient, red and spacious one that can feel out different situations and obstacles. Uranus, Jupiter and Venus in uncomfortable positions test your agility, both physically and emotionally. To maintain balance between habit and fantasy, compulsion and improvisation, renunciation and desire, you’ll have to resort to your powerful skills of adaptation and transformism. And who knows, you may take on unexpected, more or less human guises and avatars which can take you into the future.



Recommended designs for Pisces

Ferilli Eyewear; sustainable sunglasses Porto Badisco (one-of-a-kind piece); Italy



You are boundless, love sunny open spaces, and have a great desire to escape, anywhere and everywhere, in a pleasant sort of confusion.


Richard Ginori; rectangular porcelain tray Le Course Du Soleil for Cassina; Italy


After emerging on the other side of a hectic and pressing winter, with Mars flustering words and making it hard to avoid arguments, for those born in the first decan, spring marks the beginning of a reflective, intense, calm and solitary phase that will require dark lenses to protect your eyesight from the ugliness of the world and the mystery of your soul from prying eyes. The outlook for those born in the second and third decans is a bit brighter, full of sentiment, charged with creative spirit, inspired by new loves and life goals, and capable of sudden revolutions and quantum leaps between this world and other possible worlds.



Astrologist Marco Gerosa was born on an evening with the Moon in Sagittarius. Among his many passions, astrology and music are what he has dedicated his career to over the past two decades.

He first encountered the world of astrology in the early 2000s, with this stroke of luck ushering in years of study, which he continues to this day, and a wide variety of professional experiences. He has collaborated with newspapers, blogs, magazines and radio stations including Corriere della Sera, GNAMBOX, Redmilkmagazine, Rai RadioDue and Radio Ticino, and has been involved in counseling activities for individuals and businesses, training courses and seminars, and research in collaboration with Minima Astrologica magazine. He has also participated in artistic and cultural events, and creates astrology-based content for influencers and social media. He writes the innovative monthly horoscope for ToiletPaper Magazine and the Elle Decor Italia monthly horoscope, and co-authored the book Tutta colpa di Venere! (It's Venus' Fault!).
Instagram account: @astromarco