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A descendant of a Neapolitan family of sculptors for over two hundred years, Letizia Carriello is an eclectic artist who lives and works in Milan, exploring the relationship between interior spaces and the external world through different practices and arts, from design to installation, photography, sculpture, video, and performance.

"Art as a way to materialise time."

The fundamental themes of her work are the obsession of time that passes inexorably, a sense of isolation, separation and oppression, and the entanglement of human relations. Installations, photographs and performances are created beginning with everyday objects of common use that, transformed through a new artistic language, stimulate imagination and materialise time in a perceptible form.

Her desire to express the material aspects of time is thus achieved through research and collection of its traces, for example through calendars, sequences of numbers and letters, and links between objects, matter and spaces. With this process of identification and union, connections and relationships otherwise lost are reconstructed. Her works have been exhibited all over the world and are part of numerous public and private collections.

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