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Once he go to Venice to study architecture, this versatile artist was captivated by the beauty of the city and became fascinated with Murano glass. He thus became one of the most brilliant individuals to interpret the material, whose refined lightness exalts the poetry and magic of his creations.

"From necklaces to lamps to shawls"

He initially produced large, heavy necklaces and then moved on to decorative objects that could be hung on the wall. As a result, his subsequent production of candle lanterns and glass lamps inspired him over time to develop his characteristic large glass shawls.

The light present in his creations illuminates the most beautiful of homes around the world thanks to his unique and entirely handmade pieces. A great interpreter of the concept of made-in-Italy, he manages to make any environment special thanks to his work, whose delicate shapes are cut and assembled by hand in infinite shades of colour.

His research - at his study and workshop in the Brescia area - over time directed him towards lighter and more natural materials including paper, bamboo and willow. Hi passion for sculpture has been evolving since 2013, thanks to his first works that immediately received great praise.